Gardening is extremely fun to do, but as time flies by, it can often become a chore. With all the cleaning needing to be done after a long day and the bad posture when it comes to harvesting and landscaping, this can cause strains on our bodies, especially when we get older. Nowadays, even technology has found its way into gardening through cutting-edge hydroponic gardening. 

Hydroponics is taking the whole concept of gardening to a whole new level, as this is more exciting and is more time-efficient and effortless in nature. They say that hydroponics is lazy gardening, but we beg to disagree. It is a way to garden smart, and not hard. So read on to discover more about why we love hydroponics so much at Urban Garden:

No More Back Pains!

Green thumbs know the strenuous activity of soil preparation and maintenance. This means a lot of tilling, digging, hoeing, and pulling weeds in a traditional garden. With hydroponic systems, these tasks that cause backaches are no longer, as there is no soil involved in growing plants. 

Raised Beds Are The Best

The best part about these systems is that you can customise them to reach your height so that you don’t have to be bending down constantly. You can grow a whole lot of vegetables on your tabletop and build a larger scale using an entire rig.

Muddy Messes Are No Longer

Soil is dirty and can get all over the place, as well as stick to you and cause you to track it into the house. No longer will you be scrubbing dirt off clothes and having your fingernails have dirt underneath them. Without the mess of soil, hydroponics makes gardening a clean and easy process. 

Crops Are More Consistent And Have More Nutrients

Hydroponic systems can be modified to suit the optimal growing conditions and needs of each crop. You can supply the proper minerals, correct water, and proper oxygen needed to grow a plant well. You can also adjust pH solutions with ease, giving your plants the best growth consistency. 

With all these proper levels of minerals and nutrients, plants will grow with better flavour and nutritional value, as well as being safe from pesticides and growth hormones. 

You Can Grow From A Balcony!

If you do not have an entire backyard that you can dedicate to hydroponic gardening, worry not! The best part about hydroponics is that they can be modified to fit almost anywhere, so you can put a small space in one room to have a rig or even your balcony. You won’t be tracking soil or materials that can damage your home’s finish, which makes it perfect for living in strict areas, all while keeping your dream of growing your own fresh produce. 

Your Water Bill Will Be Much Less

Hydroponic systems use up to 80% less water compared to traditional soil gardening because of less runoff, evaporation, and gravity affecting water consumption. Using a proper runoff system and water cycling makes hydroponic rigs the better option for growing crops. 

Seasons Change, But Gardening Does Not

When winter comes, you can’t exactly grow crops outdoors. With a hydroponic rig, you can grow plants in the comfort of your home any time of the year, whether it be heavy rains, heavy snow or extreme heat. 


Hydroponic rigs have more advantages over traditional gardening, and if you plan to grow your own food and want less maintenance work, these systems are for you. While traditional gardening was a lot of work and a labour of love, hydroponics has evolved to become the choice of many modern-day urban gardeners. 

Urban Garden is the best distributor of hydroponic products in the UK, with a wide selection of some of the best equipment and tools from the top manufacturers in the industry. If you plan to make the switch from a traditional garden to a hydroponic system, contact us for more advice on what routes to take for the best experience.