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What Is Hydroponic Growing?

Hydroponics is a part of hydroculture; which is the growing of plants and grows in a soil less or water based environment. Nutrients and mineral boosters provide an alternative solution to feed the plants; without needing to water the soil.

For anyone that loves to grow, hydroponics allows you to explore a more exciting and effective way of growing. Without being limited to what the season might be, systems can easily be set up in a number of indoor environments. When it comes to hydroponics there are no limitations and you can grow crops of any quality or size.

Why Does Hydroponic Growing Work Well?

It work so well because the plants are given everything they need to grow and thrive. Growing using hydroponics is much easier than growing with soil and it’s proven to grow plants that are genetically healthy. Plants are typically grown in a different types of growing medium and the pH level is adjusted to suit the types of plants you’re growing.

When growing the nutrients are delivered directly to the root, which allows the plants to take up their food with very little effort. The effect of delivering plant food directly through the root allows for a much larger and nourished plant to grow. When comparing plants that have grown in soil and hydroponics, you can see the clear difference in quality.

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How Complicated Is Growing Using Hydroponics?

Whilst it might seem much more complicated than simply growing in soil, it doesn’t have to be. There are many different types of hydroponics and you can choose on whether you use lighting, complete kits or nothing at all. Tools specifically designed for growing, help to speed up the growing process and create a much healthier crop.

Systems can be installed in any type of property or environment and many homes have much smaller and manageable systems, whereas systems can span greenhouses and warehouses. Many systems consist of growing trays, reservoirs and climate control elements.

Types of Hydroponic Systems

When it comes to hydroponics you can grow your plants in a number of mediums and systems. Some of the most popular systems used for indoor growing are:

  • Wick Systems
  • Water Culture
  • Flood and Drain
  • Drip System
  • NFT (Nutrient Film Techniques)
  • Aeroponic Systems

Why Is pH Important In Hydroponics?

Controlling the pH levels in your system is important, in both hydroponic and soil growing. Plants can lose the ability to absorb nutrients which means the pH level can vary. Keeping a balanced and controlled pH level helps to ensure a healthy crop growth.

What Growing Medium Should I Use?

Growing medium is the material the type of substance you choose to grow your plants in. There are a number of mediums you can choose from such as gravel, rockwool and coconut fibre. The medium doesn’t supply nutrients so it’s important to use to use supplements and boosters to ensure a healthy plant growth. The strength of the pH needs to be adjusted when growing to ensure your crop gets the right amount of food.