Soil vs. Coco vs. Hydro – Which Is Best?

/Soil vs. Coco vs. Hydro – Which Is Best?
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What Is The Best Growing Method?

There are a number of different growing methods available, and the best type will depend on what suits you and the growing space that you have available. There are pros and cons to each different growing method and the one you choose is entirely down to you. Understanding the pros and cons of each growing method will help you to make a more informed decision about the best one to choose.


Coco has a light and airy nature that is used to promote the root growth of plants. It’s perfect for both beginners and intermediate growers. Using coco will help you to achieve bigger and fast plant growth, than what growing in soil does, however it can be more difficult to work with. Coco contains very few nutrients, so you’ll need to use the right level of boosters to keep your plants healthy.

Pros of Coco

  • Light and airy making it good for root growth
  • No nutrients so more control over how the plants grow
  • Easy to use making it good for beginner growers
  • Can be used with both hand and drip based watering systems

Cons of Coco

  • Getting the right balance of nutrients can be difficult
  • Need to regularly monitor pH levels
  • Not as effective as hydro


Soil is one of the most forgiving growing media available on the market. It contains an abundance of nutrients and beneficial microbes which all contribute to the growth of plants. Most soil types will contain the necessary microbes needed to fend off different types of plant disease. When growing organically soil is probably the best available method. Soil is suitable to be used by all types of growers and is commonly used in propagators, meaning if you’re new to growing then it’s perfect for you.

Pros of Soil

  • Perfect for all types of growers
  • Easiest growing method to use
  • Buffers pH automatically keeping them level
  • Contains beneficial plant microbes
  • Soil maintains nutrients that help to keep the plant healthy

Cons of Soil

  • Depending on the type of soil pH might need to be adjusted
  • Not always the quicker method for growing plants


Hydro is the way to go if you’re wanting to achieve fast growing, healthy and large plant yields. Using hydro means any nutrients go straight to the root, meaning your plants will grow quicker and have a much healthier look about them. It isn’t advised for organic growers due to the ingredients needed to be used in hydro systems.

Pros of Hydro

  • Maximum control over the plants
  • Fastest method for rooting and growth
  • Bigger plants
  • Larger crop yields

Cons of Hydro

  • Better for experienced growers
  • You need to monitor temperature and oxygen levels
  • Not suitable for organic growers

What Method Should I Choose?

The method you choose is entirely down to you. However, Urban Garden recommend if you’re new to growing then you go for either a soil or coco based growing method to achieve the best results for your knowledge and skill set. If you’re used to growing and are experienced in growing different type of plants, then hydro is probably the most effective option. Hydro allows you to grow bigger plants and achieve larger crop yields at a much quicker rate.