VitaLink Max

A two-part nutrient

A two-part hydroponic nutrient, VitaLink Max is a firm favourite with 

growers all over the UK. It has a strong reputation for delivering reliable 

and consistent plant results.

The Benefits

• A unique phosphite/phosphate 

formula, scientifically proven to 

promote growth and yield.

• Proven to reduce the risk of  

plant disease.

• Better overall plant health 

and development.

• Reduces tank maintenance and 

reduced risk of blocked drippers.

• Maximises plant results 

by having hard/soft water 

and  ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ 

formulations available.

The original VitaLink nutrient, the secret behind 

VitaLink Max is the ingredients…!

•  Phosphite for faster growth and maximum yield.

The key ingredient in VitaLink Max is phosphite, which 

is a superior form of phosphorus, essential for successful 

plant development. Other brands supply phosphorus as 

phosphate. Phosphite is absorbed much more easily than 

phosphate because it is made up of three oxygen atoms, 

whereas phosphate is made up of four. VitaLink Max 

contains the perfect balance of phosphite and phosphate 

in a ratio that is scientifically proven to boost growth 

and yield! 

•  Phosphite is proven to reduce the risk of  

plant disease. 

Extensive studies prove that phosphite is able to 

reduce the risk of root disease, such as Pythium and 

Phytophthora. This is because phosphite stimulates your 

plant’s own pathogen (defence) mechanisms, which will 

help to stop it getting sick. VitaLink Max contains both 

phosphite and Vitamin B1, which increases your plant’s 

defence mechanism.  

•  Cobalt and nickel for better overall plant health 

and development.

The importance of cobalt and nickel are often not 

understood and/or overlooked by a lot of growers. 

However, university studies have shown that both of 

these microelements have an extremely beneficial effect 

on your plant’s health and development, which is why 

they are both in VitaLink Max!

 • High quality mineral salts reduce tank maintenance. 

VitaLink Max contains high quality mineral salts and has 

unique cleansing properties, which reduce maintenance 

tasks, such as cleaning pots, tanks and pumps, when 

using an automated irrigation system. No more blocked 

drippers! This will help to keep your pumps and drip lines 

in top condition for much longer.

• Available in hard/soft water and ‘growth/bloom’ 

formulations to maximise results.

VitaLink Max is a ‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ nutrient to ensure 

you get the best possible plant results at each life cycle 

stage. Developed with the UK grower in mind, both 

‘growth’ and ‘bloom’ are available in hard and soft water 

varieties to complement the water you are growing with. 

This can only further maximise the results you get from 

your growing because your plants receive an optimum 

level of all nutrients.

VitaLink Max is suitable for use with clay pebbles, 

perlite and rockwool. It can be used with  

re-circulating and run-to-waste hydroponic systems.