Use VitaLink Flush in the final week of plant growth to improve the ripening and quality of your plants.

How does VitaLink Flush work?

VitaLink eliminates old nutrients and residues such as Nitrogen. If left behind, these nutrients and residues can delay the ripening process and be detrimental to plant quality and yield. However, flushing these nutrients and residues substantially increases yield and quality by creating a root stress that drives energy stored in your plants up towards the reproductive organs.

VitaLink Flush can also be used to help your plants recover from a period of over-fertilisation. If you have used too much nutrient to feed your plants, use VitaLink and fresh water in your hydroponic system over night (2 days). This will minimise stress and aid quicker recovery.

Need to know

Made from natural minerals and plant extracts, VitaLink s particularly useful when the taste and texture of your crop is important.

VitaLink Flush is most commonly used in hydroponic systems, but will also give great results in soil.

Dilution Rate: 5ml per litre