VitaLink BioPac is a natural bio-stimulant packed full of beneficial microbes to give you an overall higher crop quality.

Beneficial microbes convert unavailable nutrients into available nutrients.

The high microbial content in VitaLink BioPac ensures that the product starts to work as soon as you apply it to the media or root zone. This is because the microbes can instantly establish a large population within the media and the root zone, where they convert unavailable nutrients into available nutrients. Some of the microbes and fungi you will find in VitaLink BioPac include Trichoderma, Bacillus bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi; enzymes are also included. All of which are well known for their plant benefits.

Beneficial microbes boost nutrient uptake via the roots.

The improvement in the functioning of the root zone means that your plants can absorb nutrients much more quickly and effectively. This inevitably speeds up root growth, which in turn, improves growth rates, flowering, yield and overall crop quality. When used in the flushing stage, VitaLink BioPac speeds up the depletion of nutrients from the root zone, promoting a quicker and more efficient flushing period.

Beneficial microbes to guard against pests and disease.

The beneficial microbes and fungi within VitaLink BioPac help to prevent fungal infections, such as Leaf Spot Fungus, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew and Botrytis. The Bacillus in VitaLink BioPac also has the ability to suppress the activity of leaf-dwelling insects and assist in the prevention of Whitefly attacks.

Natural plant hormones enhance growth processes.

VitaLink BioPac contains the natural plant hormones, cytokinins and gibberellins. These natural plant hormones promote cell division, enlargement and elongation, as well as growth in leaves, stems, flowering and fruiting. VitaLink BioPac gives you a higher quality crop.
Ingredients make VitaLink BioPac ideal for hydro and soil and ensure long life.

Unlike many microbial products on the market, VitaLink BioPac contains Zeolites. When no media is present, the Zeolites enable microbes to grow/proliferate, which means you can still take full advantage of VitaLink BioPac. VitaLink BioPac also contains molasses, an organic food source on which beneficial microbes feed and develop, which ensures a long shelf life.

When should I use VitaLink BioPac?

To ensure a healthy and large establishment of the beneficial microbes in the root zone (which will allow full effectiveness of the product), it is best to use VitaLink BioPac as a one-off high-dose during propagation. This may be to soak propagation media or to water through as the roots are developing. You should then use VitaLink BioPac regularly at a low dose to top-up the beneficial microbes throughout your plant’s life cycle.

There are more beneficial microbes in VitaLink BioPac than most other products on the market. These beneficial microbes convert unavailable nutrients into available nutrients, improve the functioning of the root zone and suppress disease, resulting in a healthy, heavy productive crop.