Replacement bulbs for Plug and Grow Lighting systems.


Plug & Grow Lamps do not generate excessive heat and can be used directly over plants. This is the secret of growing with CFLs, positioned directly above, just 3 cm or 4 cm, the top of the plants! Unlike HID lamps, this new generation, grow lamps will not burn your plants. This is a real advantage compared to growing with HID lamps, as there is no wasted light, which occurs when HID lamps are positioned high above plants. Plug and Grow Lamps give 100 % PAR, correct spectrum, high lumen light directly on top of your plants – where they need it!



Plug and Grow Lamps are available in 2 models:


* 6400K Propagation & vegetative growing

* 2700K Flowering stage growing


Self Ballasting Lamps

– simple to install or wire

– Just Plug & Grow

– 100 % PAR in the correct spectrum for growing.

– Generates much less heat than HID Lamps.

– Energy saving lamps with much lower operating costs.

– High Lumen Output.

– Long Life Operation