The Multi Flow is an ebb and flow type hydroponic system.  The operation is simple, the pots are flooded from the bottom then drained back out.  This simple process evenly moistens all the roots in each pot.  Ebb and flow is one of the simplest and most reliable methods of hydroponic gardening.


Ebb and flow systems are usually limited to small plants placed close together in a large tray.  The entire tray is flooded, watering the plants.  With plants over 18 inches tall in a tray system, the plant must be spaced apart for proper growth.  So the tray is mostly empty space that must be flooded each time, using a lot of water.

The Multi Flow overcomes this problem by using individual pots connected together at the base.  Each of the pots can be spaced as far apart as needed without using more water.


The pots are actually 2 parts, the base and the insert.  The inserts can be removed without disconnecting the tubing.  The advantage of this is, if you have plants in different stages of growth, some of the bases can be placed closer together and some further apart.  When the new plants grow to a point where they are over crowding each other, just lift out the inserts and place them in the bases that are further apart.