GrowApe 144 Grow Cabinet – Mother/seeds/cuttings Box

The Growape 144 Grow cabinet is a purpose-built plant grow cabinet for seedlings, clones or a mother plants. High-quality temperature controlled growing environment.

Mother plant and cuttings grow box.
Dual growth chambers with space for up to 4 mother plants and up to 3 medium propagators.
Features auto-fan speed adjust the software to maintain a constant ideal temperature.
144w of T5 Lighting
Suitable for all types of plants

The lighting used is the latest in cfl lighting the T5.
A Total of 144 watts of T5 fluorescent lighting.

2 x 24w individually switchable
4 x 24w switchable in pairs

Perfect low energy and low heat lighting that your seedlings clones or mother plants will love.

48cm W  x  68cm D  x  148cm H