Products for propagation

The horticultural sector is facing major challenges. Increasing competition and new legislation and regulations are forcing growers to continuously update their operating processes. It’s no longer just about increasing yields and reducing costs. Growers also have to comply with society’s vision on sustainable cultivation which is set to become an absolute condition.


Revolutionary Vision technology

Grodan is ready to contribute to this. The new and revolutionary Vision technology will radically alter your ideas about propagation. Starting point for the new Vision technology was the Next Generation technology of Grodan. The insights gained during the development of the Next Generation growing blocks and slabs were combined with knowledge in the field of high quality stone wool products. The new technology is characterised by its brown colour as new raw materials have been used in the production process, which have considerably improved its reliability.


Grodan Pro plug

The first success story of the Vision technology is the Grodan Pro plug. A new seeding plug with impressive results: the loss percentage is reduced by up to 20%. Moreover, propagators who use the new plug use water far more efficiently, as all the water can be fully recirculated. Extensive and lengthy trials have validated that the Grodan Pro plug answers to the highest expectations of propagators.


Next generation technology

Thanks to their revolutionary hydrophilic fibres, substrate slabs, blocks and plugs produced using this technology offer users considerable advantages.