Essentials pH Pro Meter

Professional waterproof and with replacement probes!

The ESSENTIALS pH Pro & EC Pro meters are professional quality, reliable and available with replacement probes. They have a large screen to view results and are very easy to use. They have screw calibration and come with a built in small screw driver. A feature that many customers have been asking us for. The meters have a lifespan of about 1 to 3 years depending on rate of sampling. (Units are good for 365 accurate tests.) These meters are some of the most robust in the market. They are fully waterproof and drop proof. To really push it we released the seal and held the meter under water for several minutes to allow water to enter the unit. The unit stopped working as expected. We then removed the board which is designed to slide out, dried it and it was back to normal working condition! So there is no need to worry if you accidentally drop it into your nutrient tank. Now thats a robust meter!!!