This kit is perfect for controlling your light spread – with an adjustable reflector and high-quality dimmable ballast your hydroponic garden will flourish.

Powerplant Super 400Watt HPS Bulb

Contents of this DigiLight Pro Variable Ballast kit:

  • 1 x Digilight Pro select variable ballast
  • 1 x Enforcer Reflector
  • 1 x Bulb of your choice (select below)

This ballast lighting kit features a unique adjustable reflector. By using an adjustable reflector such as the Flexi Wing Enforcer means that you can control the intensity and spread of your light/heat and change it as you desire. This is a great kit for anybody requiring flexibility and cost efficiency in their grow room set up.

The Flexi Wing Reflector affords you maximum control over your lighting making it easier to achieve uniform crop growth through equal light distribution. This reflector makes it easier to manage your heat dispersion too, reducing the likelihood of hot spots and allowing you to get your reflector closer to your plants.

When paired with a DigiLight Pro Variable Ballast the Enforcer is unbeatable in light distribution and control. The DigiLight Pro is a multi-wattage ballast with an additional setting – super lumens to push your plants that little bit further in the most crucial stages of their development. Other notable features of the DigiLight include RF shielding, silent operation, LED status indicators and end of lamp life detection.

Give this kit a try and see the results for yourself, for such a manageable price you won’t find better performance.