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Cool Tube


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The Coolshade is an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube based reflector with a lamp mounting bracket in its centre. It’s perfect for removing the excess heat generated by HID grow lights without leaking unpleasant odours.Always use your Coolshade Reflector with an air extraction system and ducting to transport the heat from your lightingout of your growing environment.As far as are aware our Coolshade Reflectors are the only fully sealed lighting system on the market. (other manufacturers may claim theirs are also fully sealed but in our experience they are more often not).We offer a wide range of Coolsahde Reflectors with different diameters and lengths of the reflector, also options forsingle and double lamp sockets plus we have both a Coolshade with large external reflector (600mm Coolshade)and also an un-wired option (1000mm Coolshade double lamp holder)

.Installing your Reflector above your plants:

The minimum safe distance between your lamps and the top of the plants below are as follows-

250watt HID lamp: minimum 20cm

400watt HID lamp: minimum 50cm

600watt HID lamp: minimum 60cm