ATAMI Rootbastic 100ml

ATAMI Rootbastic 100ml



Urban Garden are suppliers of plant nutrient enhancer such as Atami Rootbastic Concentrated Plant Enhancer. Atami Rootbastic will create explosive root production.


– Rootbastic is highly concentrated. (0.1-0.3 ml : 1L).

– Will create explosive root production.

– Increases resistance to root disease and prevent the environmental stress of the plant during the growing and flowering stage.

– Suitable for all sort of substrates and could be used in water-, soil and coco applications.

– Ideal for after planting stem cutting when the first roots are visible.

– Easy to apply and does not clog your system.

– You can make up to 5000 liter solution with just 500ml Rootbastic.

– Can be used in conjunction with all other basic nutrients.

– Highly effective the first 3 weeks when root formation is strongly desired!