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Atami Janeco LightMix

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Atami Janeco Light mix 50L

  • A light and well aerated soil mix, with added perlite for optimum drainage in the root zone.
  • Atami Light Mix contains enough fertiliser for the first 2 weeks of growth.
  • Use as a potting mix for seeds or cuttings before transplanting into a heavily fertilised soil, or use for the full cycle with addition nutrient for maximum control over nutrient content.
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Ideal basic substrate, slightly fertilised to avoid overfeeding

Atami Janeco LightMix: Janecomix is an ideal basic substrate on which practically any plant can be cultivated. The slightly fertilised soil has the advantage of preventing even more difficult varieties from being overfertilised. Apart from a minor dose of fertiliser, Janecomix also contains perlite to keep the substrate sufficiently aerated while simultaneously generating an optimum water balance. When cultivating in Janecomix soil, it is possible that you will not need to add any nutrients during the first 3 to 4 weeks. The soil mix contains enough fertiliser for the first three weeks depending on the number of plants and pot sizes. After this period, Atami recommends adding liquid fertiliser to the plant for an optimum result.