Propagation Supplies and Equipment

At Urban Garden, we offer a comprehensive range of propagation supplies and equipment to our customers throughout the UK. We specialise in offering high quality propagators to help ensure the most successful growing.

The range of propagation equipment and supplies we offer allows our growers to take cutting of their favourite or most profitable crops, meaning they can grow more of them much more easily. Whether you’re propagating from seeds or clippings, our range of supplies and equipment have you covered. Check out our range of propagation equipment below.

Tools and Equipment for Propagators

Propagation equipment for gardening or indoor growing allows for the creation of new plants from a range of mediums such as seeds, clippings, bulbs and other plant parts. At Urban Garden, we have all of the plant propagation equipment and supplies you’ll need to achieve a fully grown plant. Our range covers everything from propagators to bulbs and much, much, more.

We have been supplying our propagation equipment to our customers for many years and have developed a well-known reputation for the quality of the products we offer. Our range of propagators are suitable for all types of plant growing. If you’re unsure of the type of propagation equipment you’ll need, then our team can provide expert advice on the best type of equipment and suppliers to choose.

Purchase Urban Garden for Propagation Supplies

If you’re in need of propagation supplies for your growing project, then be sure to check out the range we offer at Urban Garden. Our propagation range covers everything from multi-site propagators to root mats and much more. All of the propagation equipment we offer is designed and manufactured to some of the highest industry standards. Order your propagation supplies and equipment online from Urban Garden today.