It’s a no-brainer that plants are living, completely animate things, but it’s easy to overlook just how human-like they could possibly be. Whether you believe it or not, plants can also suffer from suffocation. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a crowded room for a long period, you know how suffocation feels like—it will begin to get humid, hot, and definitely quite hard to breathe. 

If subjected to a similar situation, your plants will feel the same way. Remember that their leaves provide moisture into the air, which allows transpiration to occur. This process allows CO2 and oxygen in the plant, helping them photosynthesise. In other words, proper air circulation keeps them healthy. It helps them grow, ensuring that their nutrients are properly transported from roots to leaves. 

If you’re wondering why your beloved potted plants may be turning yellow, poor air circulation may be the culprit. To keep your space healthy and flowy for your little green friends, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Option #1: Keep your plants near the windows

This could perhaps be the best way to keep your plants happy. By doing so, you expose them to ample light needed for food production, as well as fresh air that contributes to their growth. Remember: your plants are part of nature, and they’ll only thrive well when kept close to it.

Option #2: Maintain your ventilation

If your space doesn’t get much sun or fresh air, ensure that your area gets proper ventilation. This ensures that air pollutants, and any bad source of bad air, will not be plaguing your potted plants. Maintaining proper air ventilation also enhances air quality, which provides your plants with ample room to grow. For the best results, consider getting a carbon air filter. 

Option #3: Use a fan 

Getting a fan is another useful way to keep the air circulating, especially in areas where it’s hot and humid. It prevents dampness and condensation from forming, which could invite rotting and unwanted damage to your plants. Any type of fan will do but remember to never position the fan directly onto your plants—the gush of air could uproot them!

Option #4: Provide your plants with a proper space

While a wall-hanging plant may seem like a good decor piece, you should avoid placing your plants very close to the walls. Tightly-packed areas, damp spots, and other corners can also be detrimental to their health, so ensure that you come up with ample space for them. They don’t need much—just keep them on the table, perhaps, or a spacious corner to bask in the sunlight. 

Get it flowing!

How do you know if your space is enough for your plant? Observe them closely—if they’re swaying a little, almost as if dancing, they’re happy and thriving. The air circulation allows them to move, meaning they’re getting good doses of air. 

Collecting potted plants is a healthy way to stay connected with nature, but never forget that they need proper care and attention. Provide them with enough water, sunlight, nutrition, and of course, air circulation. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching your potted little friends grow—all it takes is a little patience, craft, and a tiny dose of empathy!

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