The hydroponic system has gradually become popular among many households growing indoor plants. Instead of soil, this system makes use of mineral nutrients in a water solvent to grow certain plants. This method is ideal for households with limited space, such as those living in the city or those who just have the knack for growing plants indoors. The first thing to consider in a hydroponic system is the location, whether you plan to grow plants in the basement of your house or in your outdoor patio or deck.

In this article, we’ll share with you our basic guide on how to set up a  hydroponic grow system at home.

1. Set up the hydroponic system.

To set up a hydroponic system, you need growing tubes, a stand and trellis, a nutrient tank, a pump, and a manifold. The tank should sit under the table of growing tubes while the pump is inside the tank with a connected manifold consisting of smaller PVC pipes and plastic tubes. While each growing tube has a pipe leading back to the tank, the manifold sitting on top of the pipes sends pressurized water to the tubes.

2. Combine the water and nutrients in the tank.

Now that you have already set up the hydroponic system, you can now mix the water and nutrients in the tank. You can start by filling the tank with water and adding cups of hydroponic nutrients to the tank as recommended by the fertilizer label. From there, you can turn on the pump and allow the system to run for about 30 minutes. By doing so, you’ll have all of the nutrients thoroughly mixed together.

3. Put plants in the growing tubes.

Now you can start planting in your hydroponic garden using the healthiest plants. First, you start by soaking the root ball in lukewarm to cool water to wash the roots. From there, you can then separate the roots to get all the soil out. For the second step, pull as many roots as you can through the bottom of the planting cup. From there, add expanded clay pebbles to ensure the plant is held upright and set in place.

4. Tie the plants to the trellis.

Once done, you can go ahead and tie the plants to the trellis using the plant clips and string. To do this, tie the string loosely to the top of the trellis. Next, attach the clips and string to the base of each plant. Finally, wind the tips of the plants around the string. Ultimately, the goal of the string is to provide support, allowing the plants to maximize the space in the confined area.

5. Start monitoring the system.

Once the hydroponic system has been fully set up, you can now start monitoring the system. First, make sure to check the water levels daily as well as the pH and nutrient levels every few days. Second, it’s important to check the plant growth and tie or clip the plant stalks a few weeks after planting. Finally, look for signs of pests and diseases, and perform the necessary tasks to ensure the plants grow healthy.


The hydroponic grow system is perfect for plant lovers—green thumbs not required! If you want to start your own hydroponic garden, make sure to follow the steps outlined above. We hope this blog has provided you with a helpful guide on how to set up a fully-functioning hydroponic system at home.

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