If you’re a beginner grower who wants to put their green thumbs to the test, one of the first factors you need to consider is the best medium to grow your plants. Using soil is the most common and popular method for growing plants as it contains all the essential nutrients to nourish your crop. 

While soil provides a mix of nutrients, that doesn’t mean that the plants absorb the optimal amount. Some may suffer from nutrient deficiencies, while others may experience burns due to too much nutrient intake. Finding the perfect balance can be tricky; that’s why hydroponic growing is becoming a go-to choice for encouraging vigorous plant growth in a controllable setting. 

Benefit #1: Hydroponic Growing Offers Better Process Control 

Compared to a traditional soil environment, setting up a hydroponic system offers precise control in various ways. For one, it allows growers to add the exact amount, ratio, and composition of the nutrients plants need according to the different stages of their life. 

While soil offers complete nutrients for free, regulating the exact makeup of soil nutrients can be tricky and requires years of expertise. Hydroponic growing provides the solution as it can give the right food intake and even control the pH level to the letter, making it easier to create the optimal environment for healthy-growing plants. 

Benefit #2: Hydroponic Growing Saves Water 

A hydroponic system uses water as the primary source of medium for growing plants, but it can save more water compared to using soil. For one, soil cultivation requires gardeners to water plants every few days, which uses a considerable portion to ensure it penetrates the ground and reaches roots. 

Hydroponic growing, on the other hand, can maximize the use of water using a recirculating nutrient reservoir, which means that the plants will only suck in the necessary amount of water and leave the rest for later. The reservoir is covered so that no water will evaporate, allowing growers to take advantage of every drop. 

Benefit #3: Hydroponic Growing is Possible Anywhere 

Planting using soil as your medium largely depends on the climate and other external conditions. Seasons significantly affect the life and growth of various plants, but using a hydroponic system allows you to cultivate plants no matter the time or weather. 

The Bottom Line: Hydroponic vs. Soil for Growing Plants – Which is the Better Choice?

Choosing between hydroponics and soil largely depends on your needs. On the one hand, hydroponic growing is highly beneficial for providing complete control and ease of maintenance. Because of how it can give the exact amount and ratio of nutrients, plants can grow healthier, sturdier, and have fewer chances of developing diseases. 

The soil requires more work and extra attention, which means it has higher risks of leading to nutrient burns, deficiencies, or pest infestation. However, soil can be advantageous in its diversity. Seeing as the soil can be dry, wet, sandy, peaty, free-draining, and more, it is the best medium for growers who want a wider variety of plants. 

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